WoolFirst - Natural Fibre To The World

The member network of the Federation of New Zealand Wool Merchants (Inc)


WoolFirst is a New Zealand wide network of private wool merchants. Members of the network are individual companies with a united common objective and philosophy. Membership involves adhering to a specific set of rules and regulations, and maintaining a high standard of business integrity.


Private merchants currently purchase and finance over 50% of the national wool clip.

WoolFirst members procure wool directly from growers and offer a complete, cost efficient wool handling service. Maintaining healthy competition at the farm gate is high on the list of priorities, but greater unity beyond the farm gate is the network's aim.


WoolFirst members have a direct interest in growing the value of wool, as their profitability is derived from enhancing its sale price. Network members have a proud history that extends back over 100 years, and in this time they have proven their competitive advantage, steadily growing their market share, yet each company's investment in the industry extends well beyond financing their share of the clip.


By way of the FNZWM, members of the WoolFirst network are making a positive and firm commitment to the revitalisation of the worldwide wool industry:



The aim is to make wool a more considered and desired ingredient, increasing demand and value as a consequence. The WoolFirst network gives all members a strong collective voice, and a commitment to ensure all demand creating initiatives are sought out and vigorously explored.


Members of the network offer a number of services to New Zealand wool growers:

  • Prompt, professional and personal service to FNZWM standards
  • Long term industry experience and expertise
  • Cost effectiveness
  • In-shed pricing
  • Full woolshed clearance



Additionally members of the network can offer a number of selling options to growers:

  • Outright purchase
  • Forward Contracts
  • On behalf sales
  • Online sales (including auctions) via Wool Online




For more information about WoolFirst or the Federation of New Zealand Wool Merchants contact your local buyer, or email us directly at admin@woolfirst.co.nz.